Something Different for Joomla

Welcome to The Possum!

Park with The Possum at 92.1 FM or right here on the Internet. Enjoy great music from when country music was real country.

We also bring you more exciting high school sports action than any other station. Our play-by-play broadcasts cover the entire football season through the state championship playoffs.
We broadcast games in the latter part of the regular season and the playoffs
in both boy's and girl's basketball as well as baseball and softball.
High school games on KXEZ are great places for advertisers!!
Lots of motivated listeners equals a great opportunity to effectively promote a product or service.
Contact KXEZ today to become a member of the KXEZ advertising family!


We have changed our Internet streaming technology to make it better for you, but some things have changed!  To listen to a game on KXEZ on the on the "Listen Live" link. When the player comes up...look to the right side tab for "KXEZ Sports". We now have TWO streams for the Internet now! Click on KXEZ Sports 1 for most Internet games. KXEZ Sports 2 will be used when we have a 2nd game streaming at the same time. Just click on the "Open" tab...and you've done it!

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