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Classic Hit Country is a fun, classic country hit-oriented format.
Classic Hit Country is focused on the Golden Era of Country - the 70's and 80's
with a careful dose of the 60's and early '90s rounding out the mix.

Classic Hit Country primarily appeals to adults who grew-up listening to radio in the '70s and '80s
reflecting the tastes of one of America's largest demographic.
Personality-driven programming and Country music you know the words to!
That's what makes Classic Hit Country stand above the rest.

Each on-air personality has developed a distinctive way of communicating with your listeners.
Classsic Hit Country personalities entertain, inform and connect with your audience,
making listening to your station an integral part of their day.

Our goal is to offer a contemporary on-air sound featuring the music that your audience listened
to in their youth...not to re-create the golden era.

We hold true to our slogan ... "Classic Hit Country"!

Call KXEZ at 972-396-1640 or email us at and we'll get you on-board!
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